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Let's Go Racing!!!!!

Tired of seeing the same guy win all the time? Or maybe your favorite driver has had some hard luck lately. Help them change their luck, by using our Mo'betta Voodoo Dolls!

For all race fans, whether you are into Cart, Formula 1, stock car, late model, sprints, drag or funny car, we have the power for you!

Mo'betta Voodoo offers consecrated voodoo dolls which you can use to cheer or jeer the driver of your choice! Complete instructions and everything you need are included. But don't be afraid to personalize your doll, the instructions will tell you how.

You can take your doll to the races with you, hang it from your rear view mirror, or follow the directions included to do a traditional blessing or hexing.

Not only are these dolls powerful, but they are fun too! Dolls are $15.00 each or 2 for $25.00 shipping and handling is included!

Don't wait for the next race, Order Yours Today!

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