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Revenge Spells

Below are listed spells which return the undeserved evil you have experienced back to the person who sent it out to you.

Often, the people who inflict evil onto people, do so without ever realizing how they affect others. These spells help them to understand that they are responsible for the harm that they have inflicted on others.


You must be certain that you are innocent of any wrong-doing which may have caused you to experience these bad/evil circumstances or feelings!

This is not a joke! These spells are serious. Any evil sent to an innocent person will be returned unto you - so beware!

A Talisman for protection is included.

Revenge Spells are $350.00
Revenge Spell Kits are $75 including shipping and handling.

Evil Go Home - send evil back from whence it came

Boss Be Good - even out the power your boss has over you

Break it up - break up a relationship between two people

Slander me not - send back harm done by gossip

(does not require gossip on your part)

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