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Root for Your Team!

Mo'betta Voodoo is proud to be able to offer you custom-made gris-gris bags that will bless your favorite team and give them the strength and the power to conquer!

Our gris-gris bags come in two sizes. The small gris-gris will fit into your purse, wallet, or pocket and costs $7.50 (that includes shipping and handling). Our large gris-gris bags are suitable to place in a drawer, hang over a doorway or window, or hang from your car's rearview mirror and costs $12.75 (again that includes shipping and handling).

To order, please include the team name and the game they play (this is especially important for local teams). For local area teams, please also include their colors. We will do bags for any type of sport team around!

Support your Little League, or High School, local minor league club, or your favorite professional team!

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