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Mo'betta Voodoo

On this page I have tried to include things which would be of interest to anyone who may visit these pages. Whether it be from curiosity or a long time association with spiritual practices. Spirituality includes such a broad range of topics it is often difficult to decide which topic to talk about. I will make every attempt to change topics on a weekly basis. I will post an article on a given subject and the chat line is always open. If you have a topic you would like to discuss and it is not the topic of the article, feel free to discuss it anyway. All I ask is that the conversations stay on track and keep with the spiritual.

History Lesson, History Lesson...
Voodoo began as the religion of tribal peoples in western Africa. As they were forced into slavery, they brought with them their gods and their beliefs. As time went on, they combined the tenants of the Catholic church with their ancient beliefs. Their Loa's took on the role of Saints. They would intercede on man's behalf with God. Voodoo is not evil, it is just one more of the man ways people use to help them become closer to God.

As individuals we often feel powerless over many of the things going on in our lives. But if we take the time to center ourselves and allow our subconscious to search out answers, we often find that we do indeed have power! We will find that we definitely have the power to control the way we react or handle any given situation. Often we will find that we also have the power to actually control the outcome of the situation. Maybe we will use a spell to enhance our powers, maybe we will use prayer or meditation. Any of these methods works to help us get in touch with the infinite wisdom circulating in the universe and put it to work in our behalf! We don't need to feel powerless, we need to take control and help make this world a happier, more joyous place.

Hoodoo is not Voodoo!
Hoodoo is a folk practice which incorporates spells, herbs, candles, even body parts. Found especially in the south. Some may call it witchcraft, but it is in reality a folk medicine for all kinds of ailments. In fact, much of which is offered at this site is Hoodoo in nature and not limited to Voodoo. Yes, Voodoo practioners use some of the same items and techniques to cast their spells, but Hoodoo is not a religion, while Voodoo is! Confusing? Yes, Maybe, Sort of. Want to talk about it?