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Spell Kits

These spell kits come with everything you need (except your time) to perform the spell, including clear instructions and explanations.

The spell will take about 45 minutes a day for approximately 7 days. A good excuse to get away from the world every day.

These spells are not wicked or evil in anyway. They simply help us reach out to the universal wisdom, and helps others to feel that spirit as well. Only good can be accomplished with these spells.

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The following spell kits are $50.00 including shipping and handling

Mo'betta Love - to attract love into your life

Love Me Man - attract a man into your life

Love Me Woman - attract a woman into your life

Wed Me Now - bring about marriage

Return To Me Man - bring a man back to you

Return To Me Woman - bring a woman back to you

Bless Me Baby! - conception

Go Away Girl! - get rid of an unwanted female (will not harm her)

Go Away Boy! - get rid of an unwanted male (will not harm him)

Love Me Only - make sure your love is true to you!

Stay Away From My Lover! - get rid of an intruder in your love life

Bless This House - remove evil from and bless your home or business

Bring Me Money! - attract money into your life

Mo'betta Luck - attract good luck into your life

Mo'betta Gambler - bring luck with you to the casino, track, lottery, or friendly card game

Mo'betta Job - use to obtain that job you want

Evil Be Gone - remove any curses, hexes, jinxes or evil you feel around you

Note: You should not undertake a spell if all you desire is to control and manipulate others. You will not change others, you will simply open your life up to the wonderful possiblities all around you.

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