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Mo'betta Services


I will work for you and perform spells in your behalf. I will spend approximately 1 hour per day, for approximately 7 days. I will also do all preparatory work required to complete a successful spell. I will also make a gris-gris bag for you upon the spell's completion. This bag will enhance the effects of the spell. My altar is sacred and consecrated for the purpose of casting spells.

The cost to you for my services is generally $200.00. If you are requesting a special spell, or a revenge spell, please e-mail me for the price.

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If you would like me to perform a spell which you do not see listed in the kit section, please e-mail me here and let me know what you need accomplished. I will return your e-mail with the cost. At times it may be higher due to the items required to complete the spell.

Tarot Readings

I will perform tarot readings for you at your request. Readings are $45.00 each. Also available are weekly reading packages in which I will perform one reading per week for a month. I will e-mail you with the results of each reading. Weekly readings are $125.00 per month. Tarot readings are very good at helping us to become aware of the dynamics operating in our life. They do not control us or decide our destiny, only we can do that. Become more aware of your life, have a reading done!

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